Womentorship Program

Womentorship Program - "Women helping women progress"

Womentorship Program is a program that involves women in all works of life mentoring young girls (or older women), who have interest or working towards a career that the established women are in.

In today's society, mainstream media has made it seem that women and girls cannot work well with each other. When You Believe Foundation, Inc. will like to challenge that notion with Womentorship Program and prove to society that women can work well with each other for the benefit and knowledge of all people involved.

All girls and women of all ages are encouraged to apply. It's also a form of giving back to your community, and networking. If you have questions or comments, please leave a comment below.

Womentorship Program is overseered by When You Believe Foundation, Inc. It is a volunteer-based program, money is not collected from mentees or paid to mentors.

Website: www.whenyoubelievefoundation.org
E-mail: WYBFoundation@gmail.com

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