Mini-Bulk Recycling Survey

The new EPA Pesticide Container and Containment Rule that went into effect in August of 2011 has rendered many refillable pesticide mini-bulk containers unusable. Any non-compliant tanks need to have been retrofitted or taken out of service and this action may result in increasing stockpiles of old or damaged mini-bulk tanks in warehouses, mixing yards, storage facilities, and farms. The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is seeking to determine if there is a need for recycling of standalone and/or caged pesticide mini-bulk tanks of 85 to 300 gallons and asks that you please complete this survey form in its entirety. Thank you.

In what state do you reside?

How far would you be willing to transport these containers?

How many out of service mini-bulks do you have for recycling?

Would you be willing to pay to have the tanks recycled?

Would you be willing to act as a collection or shredding site?